Public Art


Installed August 22, 2023

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Forensics Lab

Santa Fe, NM

Funded by the Art in Public Places Program New Mexico Arts Departement of Cultural Affairs


Cor Leonis

Installed August 18, 2021

Mcuen Park, Couer d’ Alene, ID

                            Purchased by Ford and Sue Dunton and donated to the City of Coeur d’ Alene

Forces at Play

Installed November 19, 2015

Colorado Riverway Bike & Pedestrian Bridge, Moab,UT

Purchased by group of art supporters and community builders and given to the City of Moab and Grand County as a launch point for the public art program Moab ArTTrails, founded by Dunton and his wife Christy Williams-Dunton.  See the whole story Here

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Dedicated June 5, 2020

Moab, UT

A commissioned memorial donated the City of Moab, UT permanent collection

Rock Dreaming of Flight

Installed October 2020

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, NM

Grand Current

Installed February 2009

Canyon View Park

Grand Junction, CO

Moonstone Gallery

Installed 2005

Moab City Hall

Moab, UT

Head in Progress

Installed 2012


Grand Junction, CO